Moving Advice

Moving can be a very hectic time. Whether moving a business or a home there's a lot to think about. This can often mean the more help you get and the better organised you are, the easier the move. Our guide for removals Manchester offers you a number of things to be aware of to make this transition as smooth as possible. 

  • Choose a Date for AAwest Removals Manchester to Arrive Picking a specific date can make the move a lot easier, you should know the contract completion date well in advance so schedule a man and van Manchester for it. Before moving check the agreed date is suitable, people often find certain days are great for removals in Manchester.

  • Friday - allows you the weekend to unpack, though do remember to turn on power and heating in the new property. Bank holiday weekends can add an extra day.School Holidays - This eases the burden of having to drop and pick children up from school and also allows them to get used to a new area. 

  • Our man and van in Manchester often find  removals are good at the end of the month as there's some extra money in the coffers for extra expenses. 

  • Have Time Between Sale and Moving time.By staggering your sale and move you can have a few extra days to play with which can be used to sort out and underlying issues before the man and van Manchester arrive. This allows you a range of benefits.

  • Cleaning the new home before you move in

  • Receive deliveries and also to perhaps install items such as washing machines and dishwashers before the arrival of the man and van.

  • Home Improvements are also something we find many like to do before our removals Manchester arrive. 
  • Moving your Items Work out what you want to bring. You may wish to sell some items you don't use on an auction site, or in classified ads. 
  • Make a list of what your removal companies Manchester have brought.

By following our guide for removals. Manchester removal companies will take care of most of the rest of your issues for you and ensure a smooth and care free transition to your new home or office.